A Passionate Group of People From Across the Industry

Helping Raise and Maintain Standards in Our Food, Wine & Beverage Industry


Our Panel is made up of selected voluntary experts and enthusiasts who are resolved to help us maintain and raise standards of great Food, Wine and Beverage in Western Australia. Many outlets, such as Producers and Restaurants, suffer from poor, unfair or even malevolent commentaries via social media which affects their businesses on a daily basis. Our objective, as the FWIWA panel, is to help our Industry by creating and issuing peer reviewed standards and awards from across the Industry. This will demonstrate that high standards have been met which, in turn, will benefit Restaurant and Producer businesses and the Public, the Customers who wish to enjoy great Food, Wine and Beverage. Our objective is also to showcase our Industry in WA, through media and events.

Jon Ring of the Food and Wine Institute of Western Australia

Jon Ring

Jon is a Founder of FWIWA and has a varied background in the Food and Beverage Industry. He was a Bar & Restaurant owner, a qualified Advanced Food Hygiene Tutor with the CIEH in London, an Executive  ...more to come!

Dr Mark Rivers of the Food and Wine Institute of Western Australia

Dr Mark Rivers

Dr. Mark Rivers is the owner of and Head Brewer at Three Rivers Brewing Company as well as Principal of ClearWater Research and Management, an environmental consulting company specialising ...more to come!

Warren Masilamony of the Food and Wine Institute of Western Australia

Warren Masilamony

Warren Masilamony is a Television Producer and Director with over 15 years of industry experience. He also specialises in Food & Wine TV. He is best known for producing Zoom TV on the Seven Network and ...more to come!

Chef David Hills of the Food and Wine Institute of Western Australia

David Hills

Executive Chef David Hills is the owner of a very popular Cafe in Mandurah and a Catering business. David became a high-flying Chef in London and has worked for top-end Hotels and Restaurants there. He   ...more to come!

Natalie Melrose

Natalie Melrose is an Aficionado of great Wines and has a wealth of knowledge & international experience travelling to many Wine regions and writing about them. She is passionate about WA Wines and ...more to come!

FWIWA Liquor Sommelier

Trina Youchak

Trina Youchak has spent many years in hospitality and is currently in the brewing business. Her expertise is liquor. Trina, who hales from the United States, is very skilled at nosing her Spirits & pairing them ...more to come!